Example work not for sale, unless noted.  

1997 Rendition of Bateman Lynx.  


1998 First Tiger Painting.  

 Hidden Tiger.

Bruce's Caves, near Wiarton, Ontario.  Limited Edition #/275 prints for framing available for $30.

 Bruce's Caves.

Rock Art:

African Elephants.  

 African Elephants.


Elephants Rock

 African Elephant

1998 Colpoys Bay Sunset.

 Colpoys Bay Sunset.

1999 Colpoys Bay Sunset.

 Colpoys Bay Sunset.

The Island.

 Island Palm Trees.


 A Cottage.

Pen & Ink of Wiarton District High School.

 Wiarton District High School.

Room Numbers for the Waterview Resort, Wiarton, Ont.

 Water View Resort Room Numbers.


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